Don’t Be a Dumb…Criminal

Written to inform people on how the criminal justice system works

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Don’t Be a Dumb…Criminal

It Doesn’t Take A Criminal To Break The Law!

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Don't Be A Dumb... Criminal

“I wrote this guidebook to help anyone easily understand the court system. If you don’t understand the system, you can get ripped off”

-Krystal Banks

People unwittingly snitch on themselves and commit felonies and lesser crimes every day without knowing it. In Krystal Banks’ new book, “Don’t Be A…Dumbass Criminal,” she explains in plain language how the criminal justice system works, from the arrest, jail, bonding and courts. In the comprehensive guide, she covers topics ranging from sentencing guidelines and plea deals to understanding the police, warrants, and the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony.

Banks’ new book, “Don’t Be A…Dumb Criminal” and companion workbook were drawn from her own experiences as a bail bonds woman, and written with input from attorneys, judges and police officers. Innocent people are convicted every day simply because they’re uninformed. Banks provides essential information every individual in the U.S. should know about the justice system and what to do if they’re accused of a crime.

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Antonio Sims
"More People Need to Read This"

Banks strives to educate people on the business of politics and the court system, positioning them for a successful future. Whereas society may choose to wash its hands of citizens with past runs-ins with the law, Banks is determined to help those with a criminal background become noble, law-abiding citizens. In addition to resume and interview prep, as well as job placement, Banks does more than gives citizens a hand out—she gives them a hand up.

Rebecca Wilcox
Business Owner
"Great Read"

Don't Be a Dumb-ass Criminal is a book that will help people understand how the court system works. Crime is everywhere! If you are innocent or guilty this book will get you on the right path. Attorneys are always needed but good lawyers are hard to find, especially when you don't know what kind of attorney you need. In this book it guides you to find the right attorney for yourself.

Peter Mendez
Legal Analyst
"Very Helpful"

While many spend their entire lives running from the law, she’s committed her life to running towards it. Krystal Banks has helped thousands of citizens who never thought they would need legal help find it with the click of a button. Striving to better the lives of others and the society around us, Banks is committed to rebuilding productive citizens and Michiganders alike—one bail bond at a time.