Answers to the Questions

1. What are you Miranda Rights?

Answer C.

Right to SHUT UP!       Right to an ATTORNEY, stay silent until they show up!

2. What’s the importance of understanding your Miranda rights?

Answer A

Because if you know everything is recorded and going to be used against you. You would know its nothing you can do to get out of the situation but call YOUR OWN attorney and have them come to police station immediately.

3. When your being arrested, and you ask for an attorney when do you get one?


Answer. C

After you have been arraigned. 96 plus hours.

4. Once arrested how long can you be held without being charged?

Answer.  B

72 hours unless it falls within a holiday then 96 hours

5. Does it cost more or less money to prove your innocence?


Answer A

More money. Once totaled up a simple misdemeanor can cost as little as $4500. Break down in the book.

6. If an officer asks you to get out of the car what do you do?

Answer B

Get out, lock your door and the only thing they can do is pat you down over your clothes not go in your pockets or car.