People unwittingly snitch on themselves and commit felonies and lesser crimes every day without knowing it. In Krystal Banks’ new book, “Don’t Be A…Dumbass Criminal,” she explains in plain language how the criminal justice system works, from the arrest, jail, bonding and courts. In the comprehensive guide, she covers topics ranging from sentencing guidelines and plea deals to understanding the police, warrants, and the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony.

Banks’ new book, “Don’t Be A…Dumb Criminal” and companion workbook were drawn from her own experiences as a bail bonds woman, and written with input from attorneys, judges and police officers. Innocent people are convicted every day simply because they’re uninformed. Banks provides essential information every individual in the U.S. should know about the justice system and what to do if they’re accused of a crime.

Even the most law-abiding citizen can run afoul of the law through no fault of their own. Banks includes a list of crimes, the jail time involved for each, and a drug usage chart – information every person needs to know, even if they don’t break the law. A quiz is provided to test the reader’s knowledge.

Readers will discover how “innocent until proven guilty” sounds noble, but the system is actually designed to make even innocent people appear guilty. Banks discusses the real job of an attorney, how to choose the best lawyer, navigating a justice system built on money rather than fairness, and changing a conviction.

As part of her strategy to inform and educate, Banks also offers a “Don’t Be Dumb Criminal” program using the “Don’t Be A…Dumbass Criminal” workbook that includes workshops and seminars. The program educates youths and their parents and addresses issues such as how to behave when encountering police. A certificate program is available that talks to issues that includes human trafficking, profiling, the rights of minors, and understanding warrants.